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Annoucing the FierceWireless IoT Challenge

The Internet of Things industry is booming, with tens of billions of connected “things” and growing as of this year. Yet despite this growth, manufacturers and enterprises are facing real struggles with implementing their various IoT strategies. Indeed, per a recent report from Gartner, 75% of IoT implementations are taking up to twice as long as originally planned. From the sheer total of devices and APIs involved, to the incredible amount of data that the IoT is allowing organizations to collect, the complexity of securely integrating it all in coordination with back-end systems is a tall, and expensive task. So what are manufacturers and enterprises doing to speed up their implementations? How is the industry coming together to address common challenges around interoperability and security? And how can organizations realize a return on their IoT investment?

To get to the root of these questions, we’re excited to announce the FierceWireless IoT Challenge, where we’ll be accepting nominations from organizations around the globe in hopes of identifying and showcasing the leading IoT implementations in our industry.

In particular, we’re looking for detailed information about how enterprises are implementing IoT technology. FierceWireless readers would like to know:

1.    Which compute, storage, and networking technologies that organizations are using for IoT
2.    How these technologies were integrated with existing cloud and IT infrastructures
3.    What business models supported the decision to implement this IoT system
4.    How any problems were solved with specific relation to interoperability or security

If you’d like to participate, we’re primarily looking for video submissions, 10 minutes long, or less. If video is not possible, we will consider some written case studies, in a Q&A format of 1,000 words or less. We’ll be showcasing all submitted case studies on a new section on the FierceWireless site that we’re calling IoT at Work and we’ll be announcing the top six winners on our site at the end of January. Winners will also be invited to present on stage at the inaugural IoT Implementation Forum in San Jose, June 23-24!

Whether the case study is submitted as a video or Q&A, we can’t publish content that is overly promotional for any particular vendor or product, and FierceWireless reserves the right to decline to publish any videos or Q&As that don’t meet our editorial scrutiny. The deadline for submissions is January 24th, 2020. 

Questions? Contact Kevin Gray at [email protected].

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